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Who Are We?

Since 2010, we ran our own business as aquarium maintenance providers. We did pretty well for ourselves but we always stuck to our principals and ethics in proper and sustainable tank husbandry. It was easy to do in Austin, Texas where most people want to do their part to save the environment. Then one day, a series of tragedies struck our family which forced us to move from Austin to be closer to family. We witnessed the ugly truth about the aquarium hobby and wanted to do something.

"But we're just a small family. What can we do?"

  THAT became the driving force for our website. As a chemist, Keoni began making soap and selling them in plastic free packaging. Unfortunately, our sustainable ethics were not well received in the heart of oil and cattle country. 

  Now we have found That our true passion still comes through. We want to offer the best most Luxurious Bath and skin care products out there. With the best ingredients to nourish your skin and hair, just like Royalty. 

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Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Soap

The reason I was so determined to get hibiscus tea into our Hua Hele soaps was because of what hibiscus tea does for the skin. Let’s start with AHA. Alpha Hydroxy Acids break down dead skin cells and their bonds which speeds up cell turnover. Without the dead skin cells to clog pores or build up in layers, your pores are allowed to breathe and produce their oils without any hinderance. This is what helps to control acne breakouts and even our your skin complexion. Once the dead layers have been shed or thinned, the hibiscus tea can actually help your skin absorb moisture. Mucilage, the natural fiber can be compare to microscopic sponges that hold the moisture against your cells long enough for them to absorb it.

Along with moisture, your skin absorbs powerful antioxidant called anthocyanocides. (Cyano-cides as in blue, NOT cyanides!) These protect against free radical damage. Anthocyanocides also have slightly astringent properties which reduces the appearance of large pores for a smoother complexion. The antioxidants also inhibit the formation of the enzyme called elastase. Elastase is an enzyme that breaks down the elastin in our skin. Elastin is the connective tissue keeping your skin attached to the muscles in your face and body. By preserving and protecting the elastin you keep your skin looking younger, and firmer, longer.

There is still so much more that scientists are discovering about this natural Botox plant. And, the list of what IS known keeps going. I’ve included some research papers below for those who want to dig deeper into the science. I’ve been drinking hibiscus tea most of my life but only started using it externally for the last few years. We will be coming out with more Hau Hele products as we continue. We just have to refine our preservation & packaging methods. Keep in mind that we only use natural preservatives, like citric acid and sea salt, and biodegradable packaging. But, nothing worth doing ever


The Team at The Royal Soap Company

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We wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing work our team does every day. We’re incredibly proud of each team member, and are consistently impressed by their creativity and drive. Browse their profiles to meet the people behind our company.

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Jesse Neimus

Inventory Manager

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General Manager

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Taylor Quill

Head of Human Resources

Taylor Quill, our Head of Human Resources, personifies diligence and dedication, giving their all to our company and our customers each and every day. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, they’ve helped to make The Royal Soap Company what we are today.

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