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The most elite way to cleanse your body and soul at the same time.

Self care time or just a quick shower should always make your skin feel this good.

Royal Soaps

Kopa'ali'i - Well Balanced Hard Bar

Kopa'Ali'i, meaning King’s Soap, is soap fit for royalty - creamy, well balanced, gentle cleansing on even the most sensitive  skin, and longer lasting than our other soaps. 

  1. Kopakai - Soleseife

Sea Soap is made with actual seawater. The water evaporates and leaves Natural Sea Salt  that helps to balance the oils in your skin. It’s an ancient process practiced by other seafaring cultures around the world. 

Wailuku - Beer & Mead

I love a challenge, but this one is aptly named. My first beer soap resulted in a raging Boiling Pot of destructive waters and oils. But I knew the benefits would be worth it. Every soap batch is made with aloha. But beer soaps are made with the same maka’ala that the Wailuku River commands.

Shampoo Bars

The best your hair has been treated. See how the royals Took care of their hair, with all Natural Ingredients that not only cleansed the hair but brought life to it. that 

Kinowai Hana
Liquid Labor

Kinowai Hana - Liquid Labor

Our liquid soap is only made for our Kōlea cousins staying in Bed and Breakfast suites. Kinowai Hana literally means Liquid Labor because it takes so much to make one batch. But, using refillable liquid soap is more sanitary and less wasteful than bar soaps that are used maybe once or twice.

Rain Soap

Kopa‘ua - Shampoo Bars

Our Shampoo Bars have many names, formulas and scents. But they all have one thing in common. They’re all made with pure Hawaiian Rainwater. Na Kopa'ua are made with natural gentle cleansers and humectants to draw moisture to your hair after every wash.

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