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Fixing Angelina's Engine

Angelina has a 1978 Chrysler Nissan SD22 Diesel engine that has over 800 hours on it and doesn't run. Can we get this 43 year old engine to start?

Follow our Journey as we restore a 1978 Islander Freeport 41 Ketch aptly named "Angelina." We bought this sail boat as way to get out to where the action was to show how small changes in our daily lives can help us create a plastic free sea.

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Update 6 June 2021: We just barely started to get to know the other sailors in the Rockport, Texas area. One of the sailors that we met was Lee Lungsford who has the YouTube Channel called "Journey of Malu." We just saw Lee and Leslie finally put Malu back in the water two days before completing this video. Sadly, Lee passed away on Friday from a massive heart attack. He and Leslie put everything into Malu. Our hearts ache for Leslie and for all of Lee's loved ones. If you can, please help them out through the following link:

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