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Nuisance Nurdles

What are Nurdles?

Nurdles are a “very small pellet of plastic which serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products” for example: water bottles and oil pipelines. Theses Nurdles are flooding beaches and waterways.

How do Nurdles get in to the oceans?

Nurdles can be lost at sea from ships or at port when they are handled. Or Nurdles spill on land at industrial facilities then they can float off down drains and ultimately, out at sea. Currents and wind then disperse them, and they are now washing up on beaches across the globe.

What harm do Nurdles do?

The rising amount of nurdles that are being found in the oceans are concerning for a number of reasons: “Nurdles soak up pollutants and become toxic; ... Marine animals and seabirds mistake nurdles for food, allowing toxic Materials to enter the food chain.

How can you help?

You can take a dustpan and brush, go to the high tide line and sweep up any patches of nurdles that you see, it doesn't matter if you get the sand in as well. "Then you take that and pour it into a bucket of water - the sand sinks and the nurdles float to the top so that they are instantly separated

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