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Tips & Tricks

Our soap will lather in any water and is 100% natural & biodegradable
Love Your Soap ANYWHERE!

To get the most out of your handcrafted Soap

We want you to love your soap as much as we love it.

  • Our soaps have been curing on a drying rack for up to 6 weeks, so your first wash may take a little longer to lather, but it will. Oh it will!

  • Our soaps are designed for use on your Hands, Body, and Face.

  • Handcrafted soap needs to dry between uses, to prolong its life. A soap rack is recommended.

  • Use with a Loofah or washcloth for maximum lather and exfoliation.

  • Our products are All-Natural, so we recommend you use them within 6 months of purchase.

  • If you live at sea, and are using one of our surf-n-suds soaps, dip the bar in salt water before putting it away. It will dry faster and harder.

  • Some of the oils that we use have a Natural SPF which means they absorb the suns UV rays, so store out of direct Sunlight.

  • We know our soaps look and smell delicious, but remember they are SOAP not FOOD. #washingnotchomping

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