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Vegan Lawnmowers

No Really! They are Vegan!!!

So you might be wondering, "What do sheep or lawnmowers have to do with cleaner oceans?"

Well, at the time that this article & video was done, we lived in the Texas Carizzo-Wilcox aquifer recharge zone. A lot of people don't even realize that they live in either an aquifer recharge zone or a watershed. Chemicals can easily seep or wash into the aquifers and tributaries that feed the rivers and eventually drain into the ocean. The water cycle connects us to the ocean, no matter where you may live.

Lawn mowers are like cars in that they use gas and oil and release oxides of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur -- AKA smog! Unlike most cars, they are typically not as maintained and, therefore, burn fuel poorly and leak oil and gas onto the ground, which in turn leaches into our water.

Sheep, on the other hand, only release methane and carbon dioxide and produce stable natural fertilizer that is easily utilized by the plants. Now, I know that some 'Nay-sayers' will scoff that methane and and carbon dioxide are greenhouse gases. Well that might be true, BUT those gases can used by trees and algae. Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, and sulphur dioxide are not part of the natural carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle. (They do however produce that lovely acid rain that's so good for us.) A perfect example is a swamp ecosystem. Swamps produce carbon dioxide AND LARGE AMOUNTS OF METHANE. BUT, it is utilized by trees and algae and converted to oxygen and sugars. (Helloooo! You learn about this in 5th grade!)

In other words, animals and plants have been breathing, burping, and farting for eons in perfect harmony without any ill effects to the environment. And, I learned that when I was three years old.

For more information of the true comparison of smog vs animal gasses see:

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