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Why Buy Handmade Soap?

The short answer is because when you buy an all-natural, hand-made product, you are buying more than just a product that is better for you. You are enjoying the product of someone’s passion. What do I mean?

Alright! I have a confession to make. When my wife first started doing personal care products like lip balms, scrubs, and soaps, I was totally disinterested. I had my business of taking care of reef tanks and I really didn’t see the big deal about hand-made, all-natural personal care products. In fact when she told me about it, I was like, “Really!?! Why would anyone buy that?!?”

“Soap? Soap boring! Ug have no interest in soap. Soap taste bad! Ug only use soap because wife say he have to.”

I was your typical Ivory bar user. Soap, to me, was just one of those things that you just had in the house. I didn’t care how it smelled or pay attention to how my skin seemed to be more irritated after each shower. I thought hard water was just something I had to deal with.

The one day, I my wife showed me how one of her bath bombs worked. Honestly, I could’ve cared less about the scent or the colors, but the chemical reaction of the baking soda and citric acid was fun to watch. Then later I watched over her shoulder as she did research on some soap making tips. That’s when I really took an interest in soap making.

For the guys, let me sum up my interest in two words - Potential Explosions!

Safety First! Always wear safety PPE when dealing with Sodium Hydroxide.
Science of Making Soap

So initially it was the chemical reactions, especially the exothermic reactions, that caught my attention. My interest evolved from that point. I started applying everything I knew about water chemistry to my newfound hobby. It was a challenge that engaged my love for water, biology, and chemistry. My favorite catastrophe was when I was trying to address our hard water issue. I was so excited that I skipped some very important steps between mixing my lye solution and adding the citric acid. I had inadvertently created a volcano of oils that were well over 200°F. Try to picture a gorilla bouncing around a fire that he accidentally made. Ahhh! Good times! Oh the things that my wife puts up with!

In the beginning, I was just mixing up average soap recipes and leaving the fragrances and colors up to my wife. However, as my interest in botany and apothecary continued to grow, so did my creative side. Bev still adds the colors and fragrances, but now she chooses the best colors and scents to complement the teas and infusions that I now use.

Bev is happy to leave the soap formulating to me because I’m never happy with just normal olive oils soaps for the average consumer using normal freshwater. I look for the challenges of addressing skin issues like my own in hard water and saltwater. So, I make soaps for people with sensitive skin that enjoy the same hobbies as I do - basically any hobby that involves the ocean.

That brings me back to my main point. I make soaps because I’m passionate about the science and giving the intended user the best all-natural product that I can give them. Are my soaps the best for everyone? No, because everyone has different needs, passions, and hobbies. So, if you like ornately decorative soaps, buy soap from a soap artist like Bobbii Jean at RamblinVanSoaps. ( Your can visit her store by clicking on the name.) I mention her because not only is she an artist who enjoys her craft, but she ALSO subscribes to the idea of small businesses supporting one anther. That shows confidence and good nature, and it will come out in her soaps. Likewise, if you don't really care for solleseife or sailors soap with coconut oil and rice bran oil, buy soap from someone who is very passionate about making traditional Bastille or Aleppo soaps. People who are passionate about their work want to give their customers the best product that they can make. Bottom line - if you love your skin, buy soap from someone who also loves your skin.

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