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Why We Switched From Using Olive Oil in Our Soap?

You may have noticed that many of our Signature Soaps, like our Basic Soap, Soleseife Soap and our Mariner’s Soap, do not contain olive oil. And, if you have bought one of early soaps from early 2020, you may have seen that we did use olive oil before. So why did we change our recipe? What’s wrong with us? Don’t we want to be normal and use olive oil like everyone else?

Fear not, friends. We’re still just as sane now as we were then. Olive oil is a wonderful substance that does definitely hold its place as an idea oil for soap making, and cooking with as well. However, as any long time patron can tell you, our Trahpek family has one obsession - the oceans. Any life or activity that involves the ocean, also involves a lot of exposure to the sun and salt, or sol and sal.

Olive oil is a great conditioner for the skin and hair, but it is less effective in the sun and salt. However, there are other oils that get less attention than olive oil but contain greater quantities of the vitamins that are essential for repairing sun damaged skin.

The humble rice grain for example has been used for thousands of years to nourish people’s hair and skin. The Japanese women knew this secret and have been using rice to condition their hair. Rice bran oil not only conditions well, but contains both forms of vitamin E - tocopherol and tocotrienol.

We chose to switch from olive oil to a blend of rice bran oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, and of course, shea butter. The result is a soap that lathers in seawater and gives your skin what it needs to repair itself. Our signature soap, Surf-N-Suds, was formulated to help those who live by or on the sea to conserve their freshwater supply and yet still enjoy the feeling of being clean.

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